Redownloaded Go after watching Detective Pikachu

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16 mai 2019, 11:17
I decided to redownload Pokémon Go after watching Detective Pikachu, and I wasn’t disappointed. I deleted the app around the Johto update due to a poor name change (looong story) and because I was kinda out of it. I never redownloaded because I assumed everyone that was still playing had to be good. But I redownloaded and I kinda forgot Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate  how good my Pokémon were, I had one 2000 CP and several rare (at the time) Pokémon. So I go to my local gym and I realize that a lot of the gyms are pretty low power (at least where I’m from) so since Sunday I’ve taken 5 gyms. I’ve also remembered how fun/frustrating it was to find and catch Pokémon, but I’ve had a great time since redownloading (besides a few glitches and the metric shit ton of Aipoms) and I think I’ll be playing for a while!

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