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30 janvier 2019, 10:58
Figure Out the Excellent Role-Playing Game Undertale for Android

Undertale is a very familiar name with fans of role-playing games thanks to amazing gameplay. If you have not known this game, do not skip our article below in which we will give you information about its features. Here we go!

General information
Undertale is a popular role-playing game developed by Americans and a composer Toby Fox. In the game, you will be a child who falls into the underground world that is wide, remote, and separated from the afterlife by magic barrier. You will encounter many different monsters while finding the way to the ground, especially the battle system. You need to control a heart to forgive or defeat a monster. Those decisions will change the plot, the dialogue, characters and the story later. See more information from here: Role playing game free online


What are the attractive elements of the game?

Join the game, you will control a child and complete the goals to continue the story, explore the underground world and must solve all the puzzles along the way. The underground world is home to monsters and many of them will challenge you. You will decide to kill, forgive, or make friends with them.

When encountering monsters, you will enter battle mode. During the battle, you will control a heart - representing the soul and avoid monsters' attacks. During the game, new things will appear as the boss will fight you.


You can attack monsters to receive EXP and gold. Instead, you can use ACT (action) and MERCY (forgive) to not attack monsters. If you choose the correct items in the ACT that are appropriate for each monster, you can forgive them instead of killing them.

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Similarly to the boss, you must survive until the conversation appears. The plot of the game depends on how you kill or forgive the monsters. You can even complete the game without killing any enemy.

Monsters will talk to you during the match and the game will tell you how those monsters will feel and act. The way of attacking monsters depends on how you interact with them. When you reset the game, later conversations will be changed depending on how you played before. There are more unique features of the game waiting for you to explore. 

The game has a compelling storyline and gives you many choices to continue finding your way to the ground. The diverse character system with different characters and characteristics requires the main character to grasp quickly to know how to reconcile or deal. You do not need to use measures to kill the monsters because you can escape the danger by unique tactics. Download the game from here: Role playing games android free

It is easy to understand why Undertale has been favored and supported a lot since its launch. There is no reason not to try and experience this amazing role-playing game. Quickly download the game from our store to join the battle now!

In summary, Undertale is really an exciting game to try and discover. If those features meet your needs, do not hesitate to download Undertale right now and enjoy on the weekend. Have fun!

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