The Interview : Pokémon Go special

The good, the bad and the fighter

Yo, Sirfetch'd ! Today it's time for another Interview. And it's not one, not two, but three people that I've been interviewing. So it's about three Pokémon Go players. Rather than focusing on those people directly, I've taken a more hands-on approach with them about their in-game experience. So, let's applaud the only good red player: Loicbenin, the only yellow player in France: FloLeDechu, and finally an outstanding fighter: 4TheBattles ! So, I drew my pen, my papers, and my few questions for you. They gave me a bone to gnaw, but the essential remains there.

Loicbenin: the red full of Bravery

The interview was conducted on 22/06/2020.

Bialeroze : What made you start Pokémon Go ?

L : What made me start the game is that I've been playing the games since the Red Blue Yellow versions.

B : What do you like the most about the game ? What do you like the least ?

L : What I like most about the game is the catches and the raids. And what I like the least is the bugs.

B :  Who likes bugs ? Except the quick catch. A little review of these four years of play ? What experiences do you draw from it ? Did you ever let go of the game ?

L : I've been enjoying this game for 4 years. It has evolved a lot, there have been a lot of new things, and I have never let go of the game.

B : A nice little anecdote about all the moments you've had on the game ?

L : When we went to Dortmund for the weekend for the Go Fest. It was bomb ! We met a lot of people, visited a new place while playing.

B : Well, thank you very much for your very direct answers.

A brave trainer who roams the south of Kalos !

FloLeDechu: the asshole on duty

The interview was conducted on 23/06/2020.

For this interview, let's go to the old papal city. I'm going to interview a trainer from the national elite. With my Munchlax, two bottles of Oasis and my questions, I join this trainer.

B : What made you start Pokémon Go ?

 F : The Pokémon universe and the fact that it's like going on an adventure.

B : What do you like the most about the game ? What do you like the least ?

F : Me, you *common laughs*. Seriously, I love catching Pokémon. And what I like least about arenas.

B : A little review of these four years of play ? What experiences do you draw from it ? Did you ever let go of the game ?

F : Why an assessment when it's not finished ? No special experience, except that I walk more now. To let go of the game no, but to slow down because of my job or else, yes.

B : A nice little anecdote about all the moments you've had on the game ?

F : I realize that I miss my Play. Otherwise, that my first Unown is the F, which is the first letter of my nickname.

B : Thanks a lot, hold your Oasis and go hunting, you still don't have a perfect Zekrom.

A Spartan among the yellow ones.

4TheBattles: GBL's Lagertha

The interview was conducted on 27/062020 (PST), 28/062020, 28/06/2020 (PST), 29/06/2020.

For this last interview, I flew to the country led by an angry Gumshoos on took my Twitter account, and decided to contact a great player. But who ? Well, the one and only : 4TheBattles !

Behind this cute face is an outstanding fighter !

B : What made you start Pokémon Go ?

4TheBattles : I was quite depressed in life and needed a fun way to meet new people and get in shape. I hadn’t played any Pokémon as a kid but I was taking my dog on a walk and downloaded it and caught a growlithe after my starter. It was instant love. Always loved scavenger hunt type games and this was one I could do anywhere. It made exploring the world an adventure again like childhood games even though I never did play Pokémon before.

B : Since you've never played Pokémon before, would you be tempted by console games ?

4TB : I did play Let’s Go but it was really for the Meltan Box. I did play other types of console games, mostly FPS, that I did enjoy a lot. I’m interested in any games really but I mostly love games I can play with other people. I do like the Pokémon unite team concept thing like league of legends. I think I’d like it a lot even though I haven’t played.

B : Answer in French like the idiot I am Thanks for your answer ! Sorry for the french. What do you like the most about the game ? What do you like the least ?

4TB : Mega tournaments are the best. It’s been hard during this time because looking forward to those was something that always made me happy. I’m not interested in remote tournaments so have been focusing on GBL and practice battles until covid is controlled. I love PvP battles between my friends daily. I frequently request voice chat during battles for a more personal connection. Most of my daily playing these days is just battles. I used to be a heavy grinder of xp, gyms, catches etc. but now I mostly just battle and play events for dust. My least favorite part is rocket stops. I have only done 330 and only purified 12.

Médailles 4TheBattles
Our idiot Ash would have as many victories if he had her skills.

B : You're a great PvP player, what do you think about the PvP community, or the community in general ?

4TB : The PvP community is amazing. It’s a lot of people so as with any large group sometimes there is conflict but in general it’s the nicest, most supporting and respectful community I’ve been a part of. The community as a whole is too large to access other than it being large she smiles. I’m glad it is, I think the game has a bright future.

B : I'm glad to see that we have the same opinion about the community ! Speaking of conflicts, let's talk about GBL's most significant event. How do you feel about the Jesus case ?

4TB : Disgusted. I don’t know who to be mad at though. At him? Sure I could be, but I expect many presented with the opportunity to do the same. At niantic? I don’t know enough about how complicated it is to fix the situation. I guess I’m just upset at human nature. Humans just have to mess everything up. Not only did his selfishness cause gbl to go down for millions of people for an extended period, it’s caused niantic to try “fixes” that have just caused more problems.

Classement Pokémon Go
She was in the top 100 in the first season of the GBL ! Otark a little match against her on PoGo then in VGC ?

B : We're thinking of the same bugs for their "fixes". The next question is also about your Youtube channel. You haven't published anything on it for a while, is it because the stream suits you better or something else ?

4TB : My computer is pretty bad, it needs to be replaced most likely. It has a hard time during editing and just frequently shuts off. It takes so long to make videos that it’s just more time productive to post shorter and often narrated battles on my twitter page and then also yeah I’ve been getting into streaming a little more lately as well.

B : A little review of these four years of play ? What experienges do you drow from it ? Did you ever let go of the game ?

4TB : This game saved my life. Before the game I was withdrawn and distant from life. It’s opened up a world I never experienced anything like. It makes me happy. From early grinding to getting to battle the best in the world. From adventures exploring the countryside alone looking for far away gyms to meeting new people who became best friends. I’ve gained health and happiness from Pokémon Go.

Here, who can say they have better stats than her ? In legit of course !

B : And the last question, beforde I release you from the ordeal of putting up with me : A nice little anecdote about all the time you've had on the game ?

4TB : This game is about people. PvP is player vs player but it’s really person vs person. I cherish the people I’ve met from this game more than anything. I’ve played every day, and I will ever day for as long as it’s around. I love this game ! Thank you for the interview.

B : Thank you very much for your answers.

Here we go, for this, or rather these special Pokémon Go interviews. You can find 4TheBattles on Twitter and on Twitch. Certainly some interviews were short, but they allowed a bigger development for the 4TheBattles interview. On that note, I'll see you tomorrow for a new article on the 4 years of Pokémon Go !

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